A.D.H. Thomas

Confronted by Simon, a mysterious boy whose past is suppressed by fear and anger, Dr. Niles Myde’s curiosity is piqued.

As Dr. Myde peels back the layers of Simon’s life, he is unaware of the danger lurking in the truth. Simon reveals links to a mysterious friend connected to the horrific murder of a socialite.

Now, with Simon holding the only key to revealing the killer’s identity, Myde must push them both to the brink of destruction.

NILES MYDE is the debut novel from A.D.H. Thomas. It is a gripping psychological thriller that will have its audience guessing until the last, crucial scene.

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Previous title: Niles Myde


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“Niles Myde is an interesting story of a young man entering the office of psychologist Niles Myde. It is a bit unclear, at first, why he is there. Dr Myde seems fascinated to be able to peel back the layers of this young man's life, but it seems danger may be lurking in the truth.

The last several chapters unfold a story that is intriguing and suspenseful. The ending is definitely unexpected.

I received an ARC, from the author, to read and give my opinions. I subsequently picked up my own copy on Amazon.”

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“A gripping murder mystery diving deep into criminal psychology and the recesses of human memory to build up to a thrilling twist. I was completely engrossed the whole way through by the layers upon layers of detail and plot thickening, a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating read”

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“I loved the book great unique story and a nice twist at the end definitely would recommend reading it! Hope to read more by this author.”

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